“Placecol is a deep penetrating wonderfully moisturizing and nourishing product! I love it!”
- Erika Wessels
Thank you for the level of professionalism among your therapists. They are warm, trained well and give good advice. I have been coming in for a while now and being a woman of colour, I always worry about how one will be received and treated by staff but I have not - over a year now - picked up on any untoward behavior. They have been diversely well trained and will go places. Keep up the good work girls and God will bless you abundantly.
- Patricia - testimonial for Placecol Cavendish Glen
The Imbalie Group’s mission is: To make a positive change in the world through self-improvement and self-empowerment, and by increasing the self-esteem of customers. Thank you Placecol Elarduspark & Imbalie Beauty – you made a positive change in my life – I will make sure that I return the favor and be that positive change for somebody else.
- Greta Goosen - Placecol Seychelles Holiday Winner
My experience with these products is great, I can see and feel the difference in my skin and will definitely continue using them. They are phenomenal.
- Lourita Theron
After the first two weeks I could feel a difference and was amazed at the effect the products had on my skin.
- Engela van Antwerpen
Te danke aan Placecol se lieflike produkte lyk my vel weer vernuwe en radiant.
- Ciske Kruger
Ek voel nie net die verskil nie, ek kan dit sien! Dis asof ‘n dowwe masker verwyder is en my vel weer straal soos in my twintigs.
- Corine du Toit
Within two weeks of using my Placecol skincare range, my skin became smooth and radiant.
- Antonette van Duuren
There are so many brands and products on the market, but I have discovered love in a bottle. Love for your skin.
- Johan Ungerer
Placecol is a local brand of international standard. These products feel & smell amazing!
- Zetske van Pletzen
My skin is glowing and visibly more clear. I absolutely love the way the products feel on my skin and the fragrance is divine
- Corné Crous
Feeling fresh & looking beautiful! My skin is glowing! I continue to look forward to changing lives because of what you have created
- Mareli Theron
My skin is feeling silky smooth.
- Anel Alexander
I love the diversity, the texture, smell and touch of all the products and my skin is feeling silky smooth and very nourished.
- Anel Alexander
I’m deeply grateful for the work that Team Placecol are doing and at this rate I may just enjoy ten more years on screen, thanks to Placecol.
- Jolene Martin
A proudly South African product that shows results. I am proud and grateful to be using such a world-class brand !
- Angelique Pretorius
Ek is verstom oor hoe vinnig die produk geabsorbeer word in my vel en hoe ‘happy’ ons velle lyk.
- Sandra Vaughn & Pierre van Pletzen
I can already feel the difference on my skin... Fresh and rejuvenating!
- Zane van der Sandt
Ek LOVE hierdie produkte en kan nie wag om dit met die land te deel nie.
- Magdie Raats
This is absolutely a stunning project and products!!
- Suzette Marais
Die produkte is sag op my vel, balanseer mooi en eks mal oor die reuk. Ek is verseker ‘n Placecol aanhanger ‘for life’.
- Amori Pearson
I specifically fancy the Vitamin E Silk, acting as a primer for the smooth and flawless application of my foundation. Definitely a new addition to my kit!
- Ilana van der Merwe
I fell in love with everything about the new Placecol range! My skin has never looked and felt so amazing...
- Ilana van der Merwe
My skin feels completely renewed and fresh
- Pulane Palmer
...dis lekker om te hoor hoe iemand vir jou sê: “jou vel lyk beautiful”. Ek het uiteindelik my vel-sorg reeks opgespoor !
- Nathanya van Zyl