Brighten Solution

Our Superior Solution for Brighter Skin

Nine active ingredients combat hyper-pigmentation and sun damage, as well as brighten the skin. As dead, melanin-filled corneocytes are exfoliated, they are replaced by new melanin-reduced cells. Salicylic Acid reduces redness and calms the skin. Retinol rectifies and repairs, dramatically improving blemishes. Brighten Solution is a revolutionary product that contains a powerful combination of oil soluble Vitamin C, Arbutin and Mulberry extract to promote superior skin brightening effects.

Directions for use: 

After cleansing and toning, gently massage into the skin on affected areas. Apply moisturiser afterwards.

*This product may increase photosensitivity and should be used in conjunction with Illuminé Sun Protection SPF40.

Key benefits:
• Excellent whitening action
• Tyrosinase inhibitor
• Skin tone harmonisation
• Anti-inflammatory properties
• Reduces risk of Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation
• Anti-oxidant skin defence
• Regulates pigmentation


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