South Africa’s leading skin care range Placecol to launch in Edgars in Swaziland, Botswana and Namibia in August 2017

The award winning Placecol skin care brand was  originally started by Elma Mckenzie, a brave and courageous beauty therapist and a legend in the beauty industry, in Ermelo in 1980.  After 37 years, Placecol has many avid and loyal clients.


“The upgraded Placecol skin care range is considered to be one of the best skin care ranges in the world and we are very excited to launch our Placeol brand into our neighbouring countries.  We also started to export the Placecol skin care range to Mauritius.” says Esna Colyn CEO of Imbalie Beauty.


There are two basic skin care ranges in the Placecol skin care range, the “green” or “butterflies” range for consumers younger than 40 and the Placecol Illuminé skin care range for consumers older than 40.


The Placecol Illuminé skin care range was awarded in October 2016 by the Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Review as the top skin care brand and overall winner of the best skin care range.  The upgraded Placecol skin care range includes powerful active ingredients, such as peptides and Retinol.  The effect of using the new Placecol range is a visible reduction and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, the skin feels velvety soft and smooth with a transparent glow.


The Placecol skin care range includes a Reviving Oil, which is based on the “French” way of looking after your skin with the application of oil to your skin at night to deeply moisturise, nourish and revive your skin while you sleep. The Placecol Illuminé Sun Protection SPF 25 is a star product and considered to be one of the best; it contains the active ingredient Myramaze. It is a silky smooth sunscreen, non-greasy and protects the skin against free radicals that cause ageing.


“We are currently working on a new service concept to launch the upgraded Placecol brand into the Edgars group in South Africa.  This will be a shop in a shop concept,  operated by our franchise salon owners and this process will be subject to a successful pilot phase,  before we proceed with the roll out.” says Debbie Wolfendale,  Executive Director of Imbalie Beauty.