Placecol's new Dermaceutical Range: Best Skin Care Product in South Africa

South African brand Placecol has launched a new dermaceutical range, simply called ‘Placecol’. It will be available at Placecol Beauty Salons as from the end of November.

Esna Colyn, CEO of the Placecol Group, told Professional Beauty on 5 November that over the past 17 months, her team of experts collapsed five of the brand’s skincare ranges – including the Core, Advanced and Renaissance ranges – to create the new range, which comprises 30 products, including four body care products.

“We have retained the best elements from our five previous ranges and combined them together with new raw and natural ingredients to create the Placecol dermaceutical range,” she said. Colyn revealed that Placecol has a new biotechnology partner and that the range is manufactured in a GMP/ISO 9001 facility and is of export quality. The products comprise natural pharmaceutical grade ingredients and are free of parabens and allergens.

“Because Placecol is a salon brand, we believe it is important that the products still smell good so we went to Switzerland to source allergen-free fragrances,” she explained. Colyn emphasised that the motivation behind the new range was a desire to simplify the Placecol product offering while remaining true to the authenticity of the brand, which was founded by Elma Mckenzie in 1980. According to Placecol’s technical consultant, Karen Coomber, the main focus in developing the new range was skin health.

“We set out to find the correct raw materials for stimulating the skin’s own processes,” commented Coomber. “The anti-ageing actives in the new range are much more powerful than were found in the Placecol Core range. Placecol has always had lots of natural ingredients so we’ve tried to stick to that principle. But we also found new ingredients, as well as a new preservative system that is paraben-free. “In terms of the dermaceutical delivery system – we wanted to identify raw materials with the same lipid identification as those found in the skin. We also looked at the latest liposome nanotechnology and selected raw materials with high anti-oxidant properties. In addition, we looked at the enzymatic and detoxifying processes of skin cells. Our raw ingredients feed micro-nutrients into the skin.”

The new range contains 46 active pharmaceutical grade ingredients. Placecol’s Platinum Anti-Ageing range will be upgraded next year.

Article by Pro-Beauty South Africa

(Report by Joanna Sterkowicz)