The Placecol Skin Care brand celebrates its 35th Anniversary


The Placecol Skin Care brand celebrates its 35th Anniversary in 2015. The brand was started by a legend in the beauty industry, Elma Mckenzie in Ermelo in 1980.  Elma often receives accolades in Professional Beauty for being the top salon. 

Over the last 5 years the Placecol group has made great strides in its offering.  We have launched the following:

  • Placecol Active Resurfacing Treatment;
  • Dr Gobac Cosmeceuticals skin care range;
  • Placecol Care Loyalty Programme, South Africa’s most rewarding skin care programme;
  • “Project Facelift” to renovate our salons to look fresh and accessible to our consumers;   
  • Skin rejuvenation and hair removal capabilities, which use advanced fluorescent technology; and
  • BIOEFFECT skin care range from Iceland, to be the first product in the world to contain a replica of human growth factors, produced in plants.

Placecol Skin Care Clinics have been elevated and are known to offer effective beauty treatments that offer visible results.

During December 2014 the upgraded Placecol Skin Care range which is  paraben-free, anti-irritant and contains allergen-free fragrances was launched. The range gives skin a natural illuminated and radiant look, by helping to improve overall skin health.