Placecol shines at FASA awards 2015

It has been a tremendous honour this year to partake in the prestigious FASA Awards 2015. The winners were announced on 15 April 2015. Placecol entered into two separate categories and in each we are humbled to say we were nominated as finalists. 

Esna coly, FASA Placecol Best Franchise in South AfricaBrand Builder of the Year – Placecol Skin Care Clinics

The objective of this award is to give recognition to the company that managed to elevate and grow their brand through the successful implementation of their marketing strategy. The Brand Builder of the year is evaluated on efforts to build the brand during the franchisor’s current financial year and covers any activities with this intent. The focus is on innovation and effective execution of marketing strategies rather than the size of the brand’s marketing budget. Placecol Skin Care Clinics was selected and honoured as a finalist.

The Placecol skin care brand celebrates its 35th Anniversary this year. Our Placecol Skin Care Clinics use technology that is scientifically proven to be safe and effective that delivers visible results. The Placecol range of professional skin care products is of pharmaceutical grade transforming and illuminating overall skin health. Placecol is committed to ongoing innovation, focused on delivering high quality professional skin care products, treatments and technology. At Placecol we are passionate about skin care, but most of all we are passionate about the heart of our business and that is our people. A lovely part of our journey is to bear witness to the transformation that is taking place in the lives of our trusted customers, franchisees, skin care and nail care professionals giving true meaning to our Placecol brand promise to “Live Life Now.”


Aleycia Eksteen FASA franchise placecol best franchise

Franchisee of the Year – Aleycia Eksteen, Placecol Skin Care Clinic Silverlakes 
This award’s purpose is to honour the contribution of franchisees who is contributing to the success of any franchise brand. Even though high turnovers and compliance is considered, passion for the brand and some innovative enthusiasm is also factors that are considered to distinguish the franchisees contending for this award. 

As per her nomination by Imbalie – Aleycia Eksteen is the proud franchise owner of two Placecol Skin Care Clinics. She always demonstrates strong leadership qualities with regards to taking decisions within her businesses. She is a strong franchise owner operator who always sets an example to her employees. With her involvement and commitment in her businesses she has achieved double digit growth over the last couple of years. Her participation and contribution towards the franchise network is always highly valued. 


We are boisterous about the fantastic exposure we received as a group from the FASA Awards 2015 and believe that we can build upon this success by keeping on working together as a team, honouring our core values of integrity, teamwork, responsibility and accountability.