Placecol advancing to new heights in the aesthetics arena

Placecol adds a new concept to their already impressive portfolio, advancing to new heights in the aesthetics arena. “We are setting the bar very high with this project where science meets nature, our consumers and  competitors  will see real value in the offering” says Esna Colyn, CEO of the Imbalie Group”.

The Imbalie Beauty group is proud to announce that it opened its first flagship Placecol Aesthetic Clinic in Woodlands Boulevard in October 2015. This advancement will assist in achieving Imbalie’s vision to be the largest and most desirable beauty franchise group.  The Placecol group has more than 60 skin care clinics nationally and aim to increase their footprint exponentially over the next two years. Placecol is known for being at the forefront of new skin care product technology, hair removal and skin care rejuvenation technology, constantly meeting the demands of its clients and their need for non-invasive anti –ageing treatments.

This flagship concept store will continue to offer cutting edge non-invasive treatments for all ages and skin types.  “We are very excited to announce that our Placecol Aesthetic Clinic will retail the best skin and scalp care products in South Africa, which will include the upgraded Placecol skin care ranges, Beauté Pacifique, BIOEFFECT and Philip Kingsley Tricotherapy for scalp care.  “All scientifically proven, innovative cutting-edge brands that offer high levels of efficacy and quick visible results to skin and scalp:” says Debbie Wolfendale, an executive director of the group.  Clients will leave the space feeling beautiful with the application of the exclusive Bodyography make-up brand.  Bodyography is a mineral make up and 100% safe and to use after facial or aesthetic treatments.

The Placecol group originated 35 years ago when a beautiful and courageous beauty therapist, Elma Mckenzie decided to start her own skin care range, Placecol.  Elma still has a top spa in Ermelo, 38 years later.  “We are building on Elma’s legacy of offering the best in the industry on beauty and skin care therapies:” says Esna Colyn CEO of Imbalie Beauty.  Placecol was voted in 2015 as favourite beauty salon by readers of Beeld.

The new Placecol flagship Aesthetic Clinic will not only house the best in treatments and products but the environment will feel homely and friendly, with highly trained aesthetics professionals performing the diagnostics and treatments.  Treatments will be virtually pain free with optimal results and no “down-time” for customers. 

We look forward to sharing this new adventure with you.

For more information please visit or contact us toll free on 0861 11 22 22

Date of release 12 October 2015