LeefSPA to be incorporated into the Placecol franchise group of Imbalie Beauty

“It is our mission to improve and empower women. This beautiful Spa concept was developed with much dedication by the well-known Editor of Leef magazine, Christine Ferreira,alongside her team. We believe that the Spa concept will compliment the Imbalie Beauty group of salons. In line with our mission and as part of the transaction the current management team will be empowered to acquire the LeefSPA from Media 24,” says Esna Colyn CEO of the Imbalie Beauty group. 


This business concept is ideal for smaller towns in South Africa and there is already a waiting list of prospective business owners who would like to open similar concept spas. It is the intention to convert the LeefSPA into a PlacecolSPA, in order to obtain the benefits that a much larger group can offer in terms of buying power, gift cards, Rewards Programs and share of voice etc.


The Award Winning Placecol Skin Care brand was started by Elma Mckenzie, a brave and courageous beauty therapist and a legend in the beauty industry, in Ermelo in 1980. Elma Mckenzie still has her original top Spa in Ermelo for which she has won many awards over the years that was established in 1975. The Placecol group continues to live her proud legacy of only appointing fully qualified Somatologists.


The look and feel of the LeefSPA that was developed over many years, will stay exactly the same. This look and feel will be replicated when opening new PlacecolSPA’s to ensure brand conformity within the group. The loyal customers of LeefSPA, who travelled as far as Namibia, will be grateful to know that the bespoke beauty treatments introduced into LeefSPA will remain and performed by the highly qualified Somatologists (beauty therapists). These beauty therapists have changed many lives over the years doing these very special treatments for customers.


We look forward to welcoming you soon.