The Placecol skin care range is classified as a “dermaceutical” product, which means that the active ingredients are delivered to the deeper layers of the skin.  The range is continuously being improved and upgraded by a group of scientists. The Placecol range is manufactured in an ISO 9001 facility and complies to international export standards.

The Placecol skin care range consists of products for every skin type, addressing your specific needs and concerns to uplift and help them achieve healthy skin. The Placecol range of products contains a total of 77 active pharmaceutical grade ingredients, all pure natural ingredients to ensure optimum penetration.

The Placecol ‘Butterflies’ range (for younger skin) and the Illuminé range (for mature skin) offers the following main benefits:

1. Maintains good skin health to ensure a radiant skin

2. Promotes good skin architecture – stimulates collagen and elasatin syntheses

3. Prevents the ageing process

4. Soft, gentle and protecting – delivers anti-oxidants to the skin

5. Paraben, allergen and irritant free

6. Gives visible results when the complete range is used.

The Placecol Excellence Range takes skincare to the next level, treating skins on a bio-cellular level. They are superior biological solutions, which deliver optimal results from the inside out, for visible and lasting results. The four Excellence products target your client’s most pressing skin concerns including ageing (Gravity Lift Solution) hyperpigmentation and sun damage (Brighten Solution)  breakouts and problem skin (Pure Solution), scarring and skin damage (Scar Solution).  Each product contain a powerful blend of between 8 and 11 specific active ingredients and all except Scar Solution contain Tropaeolum Majus Flower, an anti-oxidant which offers skin protection against blue light rays from cell phones and screens, bringing Placecol clients the latest in skin care technology.

Our Placecol Service Guarantee:

• Quality Products • Guaranteed Visible Results • Specialised Treatments • Transform Your Skin
• Pampered Environment • Skin Care Professionals

Our Placecol Promise:

At Placecol, we're as invested in our customers' satisfaction as we are in creating award-winning products that improve skin condition.

The Placecol Promise means that you're just 7 days away from visible results.

Follow the skin-care routine* recommended by your Placecol Skin Care Professional for 7 days and see for yourself how our products live up to their promise.

Continue use to enjoy your skin's newfound radiance.

*a standard skin care routine requires a cleanser, toner, moisturiser and sun protection from the Placecol range.