Export Opportunities

The Placecol Skin Care brand celebrated its 36th Anniversary this year and with this milestone we are excited to introduce the Placecol Skin Care brand to the export industry. The brand was started by a legend in the beauty industry, Elma Mckenzie in Ermelo in 1980 and has since become a leader in the South African retail industry. 

The Placecol skin care range is classified as a “dermaceutical” product, which means that the active ingredients are delivered to the deeper layers of the skin.  The Placecol skin care range is continuously improved and upgraded by a group of scientists. The Placecol skin care range is manufactured in an ISO 9001 approved facility and complies to international export standards.

The Placecol skin care range contains 46 active pharmaceutical grade ingredients. All these Ingredients are pure natural ingredients to ensure optimum penetration. The Placecol skin care range offers the following 7 main benefits to the customer:

  • Maintains good skin health, to ensure a radiant skin.
  • Promotes good skin architecture - stimulates collagen and elastin syntheses.
  • Prevents the ageing process.
  • Soft, gentle and protecting – delivers anti-oxidants to skin.
  • Includes pure, natural active ingredients of pharmaceutical grade.
  • Paraben, Allergen and Irritant Free.
  • Visible results noticeable within 7 days of complete range being used.

If you would like to know more about our export opportunities, please email marketing2@imbaliebeauty.co.za.