Welcome 2015

If you are like the other 6 billion people around the world, you might have chosen to start 2015 with a celebration.

Cheers to a good year

The Jacaranda trees are blossoming yet again after a winter that lasted too long, and the conversations amongst you and your co-workers mainly revolve around holiday plans. It is indeed the end of the year! Yet another twelve months gone by in the wink of an eye!

Summer Tan

Summer holidays are all about bathing suits and getting ready to look great on the beach! It’s the time of the year when women want to get out and get that tan back that the winter season has dragged into whiteness. A blinding whiteness…

Festive Recipes to Inspire this December

In South Africa, there’s no such thing as a white Christmas. We live in a lovely country where Decembers are associated with beaches and summer holidays rather than snow angels and hot chocolate.

Smooth(ie) Skin

Oh yes, there’s nothing like a refreshing smoothie on a hot day. It gets better when you know your skin will love you for it! Here is a recipe that will help your skin glow and look refreshed:

Top 5 gifts for the Placecol Girl

She walks the streets with confidence. She is an ambitious woman who believes hard work beats talent. She is extremely busy working on her career, but never misses a workout – and it shows: Her fit physique turns heads and her very elegant style compliments it beautifully. Who is she?

The Gift You Should Give Yourself

Time buys money, but money doesn't buy time. When thinking about gifts, what usually comes to mind are materialistic objects and luxury items...but why not think about the simple things? Making memories, sharing an amazing experience, having some time alone?

Get your facial muscles moving and reduce wrinkles

Facial exercises have been known to give you a youthful glow as they improve your facial muscles, which can reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.