What moisturiser suits my skin

We all have different skin types and therefore it is important to choose the correct moisturiser best suited for your skin. Most people might think they have dry skin but actually their skin is oily which results in them using the wrong product and worsening their skin condition.


As we get older and due to genetics, hormones and the environment our skin type changes and we constantly need to re-evaluate our moisturising needs

There are four skin types Dry, Normal, Oily and Combination. Understanding your skin type will help you choose the right Placecol moisturiser for your skin. 

Dry Skin

Skin feels tight and might have a flaky dry texture due to no oil content, you have small pores and skin might have a red tone.

Best suited Moisturiser: Placecol Maximum Hydro Day & Night

Normal Skin
Skin looks smooth, has an even tone and is blemish free due to small pores and very little oil on your T-Zone.

Best suited Moisturiser: Placecol Barrier Protect Day & Night

Oily Skin

Skin looks shiny and produces more oil due to larger pores size.

Best suited Moisturiser: Placecol Matt Radiance Day & Night

Combination Skin

This type of skin has a little bit of every skin type, skin has more oil on T-Zones due larger pores in the area. Cheeks are dehydrated and sensitive and stay matt towards the afternoon when T-Zone gets oilier.

Best suited Moisturiser: Placecol Barrier Protect Day & Night

It is always important to take a variety of factors such as hormones and the environment into account when your skin starts to change, for example if you are suffering from breakouts it doesn’t necessarily mean you have an oily skin it could mean that you are experiencing some hormonal changes or the reason why you might be experiencing dry skin might be a result of change in PH balance of water you are using to wash your face.

Visit you favourite Placecol Skin Care Clinic for a professional skin analysis by one of our skin care experts if you need help analysing your skin type.