Put the Vitamin C back in your skin.

From an anti ageing perspective it assists in the stimulation of collagen and elastin production helping to firm and tone the skin. As we age, our skin gets prone to dark patches and uneven skin tone. Vitamin C goes to the heart of where excess pigment is manufactured and inhibits that process, resulting in a more even toned radiant complexion.

Why can't I just buy the product? Why do I need a facial too? We cannot do at home what a therapist is able to do in a salon. The facial treatment helps to kick start the process by gentle yet deep exfoliation;encouraging maximum penetration of active ingredients as well as removing the dead and darkened layer of surface skin cells encouraging new cells to be produced. The lymphatic drainage component of the facial stimulates the internal detox of the body, resulting in radiant glowing skin. After the facial, the homecare product maintains and further enhances the benefits working in synergy to create maximum result for the client.

What results can the client expect? Firmer more Radiant and glowing skin with an even tone and less noticable pigment deposits.