Placecol's Eye Treatment

Our delicate eye areas age differently to the rest of our face.

Our skin surrounding the eye is very thin and does not have any sebaceous secretion, which means it gets drier faster than the rest of the face.  

Our upper lip is the same as the eye area and therefore ages in the same way. 

Therefore, we must remember to always treat the eye area and upper lip in the same way.

Once you have applied your eye cream, spread the remaining product left on your hands to your upper lip.   

We should be using an eye treatment in our early twenties to delay the signs of aging around the eyes.   

Our first signs of aging that develop are referred to as expression lines which develop around the lip and eye area.   

Placecol’s Revitalising Eye Therapy stimulates collagen and elastin production which are 2 very important components to retain skin architecture and delay the formation of lines and wrinkles.  

Placecol’s RevitaliSing Eye Therapy also helps with the reduction of puffiness and dark circles under the eye.