Not Just a Facial

Our state of the art Skin Care brand harnesses the powers of both nature and science delivering powerful result driven ingredients deep into our skins with our advanced Nano spherical delivery system .We have gone one step further and found a way to benefit our clients not only from the outside but from within by harnessing the body’s own power to heal and repair itself…hence our signature facial methodology was born.

Our Signature skin care treatments Incorporate ancient techniques from Sri Lanka, India and Europe, with the most advanced medical lymphatic drainage techniques of today and the healing power of touch.

Lymphatic drainage is a gentle, non-invasive, rhythmical technique designed to maximise the benefits of the lymphatic system. Lymphatic vessels remove waste products and carry substances vital to the defence of the body. Lymphatic drainage is both preventative and remedial and can enhance overall well-being of our entire body including the skin. The Lymphatic system is our front line of defence in fighting infections, detoxifying the skin and transporting metabolic wastes, excess water, bacteria and toxins out of the skin.


·         Detoxifies the skin

·         Reduce puffiness and dark circles under the eyes.

·         Eliminate signs of fatigue

·         Promote the  drainage of excess fluids, remodeling the face

·         Improve circulation and absorption of nutrients.

·         Repair cells and improves skin appearance.

·         Increase oxygen supply within the tissue

·         Reduce congestion and breakouts

·         Clear skin

·         Radiant and more even toned skin

·         Deeply relaxing and calming.