Natural Immune Boosters

The start of winter means fighting the norm of getting sick that comes with colder weather. Even with eating your daily dose of Vitamin C, but even then the flu monster can grab you from under the bed of cold winter chills. Being a fan of all things natural, here are our top 4 picks for natural flu remedies this flu season.

Here are a few natural remedies:

  • Echinacea: This beautiful flower aids the body rid itself from microbial infections fighting both viral and bacterial infections. It is especially useful for throat infections and the common cold.

Products available: Throat Spray from A.Vogel (Not entirely in its natural form, but who keeps an Echinacea plant in their back yard?)

  • Elder Flower: It can be used for upper respiratory issues like hay fever, sinus or mucous and inflammation. It also strengthens the cell membranes.

Products available: Elder Flower infused teas.

  • Ginger: Not only great with Sushi but very cleansing and healthy, ginger works wonders for colds or when you just feel under the weather. Cut some fresh ginger root, let it brew with some rose hip tea, loaded with Vitamin C. This will help with fever while being anti-inflammatory. 

Products available: Fresh ginger root.

  • Garlic: Everyone knows the joke about when you eat garlic, the mosquitos won’t bite you. But really garlic is a natural antibiotic that has many healing benefits. If unlike me, you like the taste of garlic, you can crush a clove of garlic and take it on a teaspoon with a little olive oil. Otherwise you can use a lot of garlic in your cooking as well as take garlic capsules. Try and use the garlic as raw as possible.

Products available: Fresh garlic.


So instead of paying too much on medicine, try the natural way first this winter