To mask, or not to mask?

Skin care plays an important role in our lives. From using various products to trying out home remedies – having a radiant skin is all worth it!

Using face masks is one way of making the skin feel healthy and rejuvenated. It has a lot of benefits, but what are those benefits? And is it really necessary?

We talked to our Placecol guru, Christelle Du Raan, to shed some light on the matter of using face masks. Here is what she has to say:

Q: Why should I use a mask?

A: A mask will address a specific skin condition and will act as an extra boost for the skin.


Q: Should I take my skin type into account when choosing a mask?

A: Yes. For an oily skin, you would want to use something with a clay base. For a dry/sensitive skin you should use a creamy mask. You can always pop into your closest Placecol Skin Care Clinic for a skin analysis and ask your trusted Skin Care Professional for advice!


Q: How do I use a mask?

A: 1) Wash your face gently;

2) Use an exfoliating product (such as the Placecol Exfoliating Serum);

3) Use your mask product and leave it on for 10 – 15 minutes;

4) Rinse and moisturise your skin.

At the Placecol Skin Care Clinics we have a variety of facials that include a mask treatment. You can also add a mask treatment onto your normal monthly facial for that extra boost.


Q: How often should I use a mask?

A: Two times a week.

There you have it – your own, personal skin booster! And with the arrival of Spring, there is no better time to kick off this beauty booster habit.