Fresh Skin Resurfacing Peel

Skin peels are used to improve the skin’s appearance, resulting in a softer, smoother and more youthful complexion.

Placecol’s Fresh Skin Resurfacing Peels are gentle on the skin, yet powerful enough to achieve maximum results without the downtime of traditional peels that can leave the skin red and flaking.

Placecol’s Fresh Skin Resurfacing Peels are unique in that they not only exfoliate the skin, but are part of the treatment solution.

Our natural acids have multiple benefits for the skin targeting ageing, pigmentation and breakouts with fast, visible results.

Placecol’s Skin Resurfacing Peel is the answer to your skin concerns, accelerating results while looking after the health and wellbeing of your skin.

Book your Fresh Skin Resurfacing Peel at your nearest Placecol Skin Care Clinic from R440 and for the month of August receive R200 off.