Courting your skin this Valentine’s month

The month of February is all about love at Placecol!  The type of love which is not just for that special someone but being romantically in love with your skin! Being loved  and to love is healthy for us as it strengthens the immune system, make our hearts healthier, gives our skin that glow and so much more!

Let’s show a little love to our skin and spoil it to a romantic pampering “date night” out! Just like marriage we have a lifelong commitment to our skin while some relationships might come and go your skin will always be there “for better or worse”.

Start by running yourself a nice, hot bubble bath, light a few Placecol Soya Candles and put on some relaxing music. While the bath is running clean your face with the Placecol cleans Start facial wash, once cleaned apply the Placecol Gentle Exfoliating treatment (to effectively remove dull, dry and dead skin cells and to restore skin radiance), pour yourself a nice glass of sparkling wine, grab you’re your favourite book and relax with the treatment on your skin for 15 minutes, rinse off with tepid water and pat dry.

You are not done yet! Now it’s time to apply the Placecol Optimum Hydro Mask (the perfect therapy for dry, stressed skin and to restore the moisture making your skin feel more soft and supple) and perhaps a few blocks of your favourite dark chocolate…you need the added antioxidants don’t you? Lie back and relax for another 15 minutes, rinse the mask off with tepid water and pat dry. Sprits your face with your favourite Placecol mist and apply your night time moisturiser.

Now it’s time to give a little TLC to that gorgeous body of yours.  Start of by using the Placecol Clean Start face and body wash this fast-foaming body wash will help to gently remove all skin impurities and body odours while hydrating the body, leaving skin clean and refreshed.

After you relaxing bath apply the Placecol Body Exfoliator to your entire body in circular massage movements until fully absorbed, avoiding sensitive areas. The body exfoliation gel will assist in removing dry, dull skin cells and improving skin texture to reveal softer and brighter skin.

Put on one your warm fluffy gowns, make yourself a cup of hot chocolate and go to bed, with so much relaxing going on your will be in dreamland very soon and will awake beautiful, glowing and fresh the next day! Your skin will love you forever for giving it the best date ever!