5 Anti- Ageing Tips- wish your skin looked younger?

We are sure every woman wants to know if the Fountain of youth exists.  We would like to believe so, but until we haven’t found it, anti-ageing tips will have to do.  Here are some anti-ageing tips for everyone out there, young or old we all would like to have beautiful youthful skin today or in ten years’ time. 

Anti- Ageing Tip #1- Focus on what you put into your body as much as what you put onto your skin

Younger skin starts with nutrients that reach the skin from inside the body. The skin is the body’s largest organ, so diet affects the skin after all. Write down two main diet tips for yourself and follow them daily. Diet tips can be anything from; Drinking lots of water, take Vitamin D supplement, eat plenty of Omega 3 fatty foods and cut back on process foods and sugars.

Anti- Ageing Tip #2- Stay out of the sun

Sun damages elastin and loss in collagen which results in fine lines and wrinkles leaving you looking older than what you are. During summer times it might not be as easy to stay out of the sun, we suggest a SPF at all times! At all other times such as walking and exercising either wear a hat or exercise early morning or late afternoons to avoid the UV rays.

Anti-Ageing Tip #3- Use skin care products that contains Vitamin A

Vitamin A is an anti-oxidant that assists in neutralising damaging effect as we age. Vitamin A has been proven so to reduce signs of sun damage and skin ageing as working as an exfoliator and reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Vitamin A will keep you looking younger for years. 

Anti-Ageing Tip #4-Spend time not money on your skin

Spending money on skin care products won’t assist your skin by ageing, unless you give it the time it needs. By spending time we mean give your skin some TLC. Tender loving care costs nothing, but time.   

Anti-Ageing Tip #5- An Aesthetic Clinic has a solution

An Aesthetic clinic has new skin care product technology, hair removal and skin care rejuvenation technology, constantly meeting the demands of clients and their need for non-invasive anti –ageing treatments.


These anti-ageing tips can be your fountain of youth, all you need to do is start today!